Recent and Forthcoming

Appearing in Autumn 2020

Stacey Margolis
     The Innocence Project: Future Generations from the Founders to The Village

Kevin McGuirk
     "Near Enough / to be knowingly away": Cornell '69 and the Ammons Poetic

Patrick Kindig
     Amulet Aesthetics and the Fascination of American Decadence

Chelsea Oei Kern
     Big Data and the Practice of Reading in Super Sad True Love Story

Jordan Greenwald
     Limp Whitman and the Ecopoetics of the Neutral


Appearing in Summer 2020

Gary Totten
     Wharton's Wild West: Undine Spragg and the Dakota Divorce

Sarah Nance
     Memorial Time: Claudia Rankine, C.D. Wright, and the Temporal Space of Remembrance

Sarah Schuetze
    Insidious Taint: Race and Consumption in the Nineteenth-Century American Domestic Novel

Kylan Rice
     "In Couples, In Small Companies": On Robert Duncan and Sentimental Modernism

Sean Pears
     A Speculative Reading of Black Feminist Resistence in George Washington Cable's The Grandissimes


Appearing in Winter 2019

Peter Becker
     Genealogies of Sympathy: Reclaiming the Maternal in Frederick Douglass's Narrative and Toni Morrison's Beloved

Aaron Colton
     Dana Spiotta and the Novel after Authenticity

Tony M. Vinci
Shirley Jackson’s Posthumanist Ghosts: Revisiting  Spectrality and Trauma in The Haunting of Hill House

Graham Thompson
     William Dean Howell's Periodical Time

Pardis Dabashi
     "too soon too soon too soon": Continuity, Blame, and the Limits of the Present in As I Lay Dying


Appearing in Autumn 2019


Daniel Diez Couch
     Poe, Sympathetic Ink, and Chemical Landscapes in Nineteenth-Century America

Penny Vlagopoulos
     Decolonizing Food: Transgressive Eating in Junot Díaz's Drown

Michael F. Miller
     Why Hate the Internet? Contemporary Fiction, Digital Culture, and the Politics of Social Media

Owojecho Omoha
     Capture Theory: Battling with Tropes in T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land

Jonathan Senchyne
     Under Pressure: Reading Material Textuality in the Recovery of Early African American Print Work

Appearing in Summer 2019

Dana D. Nelson
     The Enduring Appeal of the Commons

Alan Nadel
     From the Industrial Unconscious to the Cinematic to the Televisual to the Networked

Naomi Miyazawa
     Photography, Unconscious Optics, and Observation in Capote's In Cold Blood

Garth Sabo
     "Onward and Inward!" Through the Fecological Body with Twain and Chappell

Joseph R. Shafer
     The Body of Space in Charles Olson's Call Me Ishmael


Appearing in Spring 2019

Jason Lagapa
     Frank O'Hara and the End of Bureaucracy

Ben Bascom
     Queer Anachronism: Jeffrey Brace and the Racialized Republic

Yael Segalovitz
     WIlliam Faulkner, Cleanth Brooks, and the Living-Dead Reader of New Critical Theory

Craig Carey
     William Dean Howells, Thing Theory, and the Hazards of Speculative Realism

Joseph R. Shafer
     The Body of Space in Charles Olson's Call Me Ishmael